[et_pb_section admin_label="section"][et_pb_row admin_label="row"][et_pb_column type="4_4"][et_pb_text admin_label="Text"] 3D printing technology is quickly advancing and is soon expected to become one of the mainstream leading technologies in society. Many people in different parts of the world, scientists and consumers alike, are embracing the technology because of its varied uses. Before 3D printing had its foothold in the creation of prototypes, it would take normal prototyping procedures a few days to create a single complete prototype. Additive manufacturing however takes only a few hours, substantially increasing the number of prototypes that can be created a day. 3D printing can produce products faster than the classical mass productions methods. Fast product and delivery of products to the market will increase customer satisfaction and the standards of living. Unlike mass manufacturing (deductive manufacturing), where pieces are cut from raw materials and assembled into the final product, Additive manufacturing (3D printing) makes objects by adding materials layer by layer. Consequently while there are a lot of material wastages in mass manufacturing, there is hardly any wastage in 3D printing. This translates to low costs of production thus a high possibility of cheaper products. ABSplus offers the widest range of colours available with FDM Technology (ivory, white, black, dark grey, red, blue, olive green, nectarine and fluorescent yellow), plus the option for custom colours Our 3d printer combining a compact size and ease of use with sophisticated Insight software. And best of all, its ABSplus parts are accurate, stable, durable and repeatable. Three layer resolutions let you print in fine detail or at maximize speed. ABSplus is up to 40 percent stronger than standard ABS material and is an ideal material for conceptual prototyping through design verification through direct digital manufacturing. The marriage of ABSplus with FDM technology gives you the ability to create Real Part direct from digital files that are stronger, smoother, and with more feature detail. Our build size is 254x254x305 Our 3d printer is powered by InsightTM job processing and management software which offers users the flexibility to edit standard parameters that control the look, strength and precision of parts, as well as the time, throughput and efficiency of the build process. 3D printers that run on FDM Technology build parts layer-by-layer by heating thermoplastic material to a semi-liquid state and extruding it according to computer-controlled paths. FDM uses two materials to execute a print job: modeling material, which constitutes the finished piece, and support material, which acts as scaffolding. Material filaments are fed from the 3D printer’s material bays to the print head, which moves in X and Y coordinates, depositing material to complete each layer before the base moves down the Z axis and the next layer begins. Once the 3D printer is done building, the user breaks the support material away or dissolves it in detergent and water, and the part is ready to use. Can we print hollowed or partially filled models for cost/weight reduction? When processing your parts using the Insight software you can create different internal properties to allow for less material to be used. FDM is a best fit for jigs and fixtures when:
  • Designs are complex or organic
  • Quantity is less than 100, ideally less than 25
  • Tolerance is at least +/- 0.005 in.
  • Design changes are likely
Benefits FDM jigs and fixtures include:
  • Lead times reduced by 40 to 80 percent
  • Cost reduced by 70 to 95 percent
  • Integrated design (part consolidation), eliminating assembly and improving performance and accuracy
  • Design freedom for improved function and ergonomics
  • Streamlined process

Our finishing

At 3d print-prototype we also have a coating and finishing department that has an extensive knowledge in coatings and finishing, we have a hydro printing set up so not only can we print you a new usable part we can also prepare it print a finish pattern onto it and apply a long lasting clear coat so the part will be ready to present to your customer or we can paint it to a colour and finish of your choice.

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