Before 3D printing had its foothold in the creation of prototypes, it would take normal prototyping procedures a few days to create a single complete prototype. Additive manufacturing however takes only a few hours, substantially increasing the number of prototypes that can be created a day.

3D printing can produce products faster than the classical mass productions methods. Fast product and delivery of products to the market will increase customer satisfaction and the standards of living.

Unlike mass manufacturing (deductive manufacturing), where pieces are cut from raw materials and assembled into the final product, Additive manufacturing (3D printing) makes objects by adding materials layer by layer. Consequently while there are a lot of material wastages in mass manufacturing, there is hardly any wastage in 3D printing. This translates to low costs of production thus a high possibility of cheaper products.

Our 3D production offers unparalleled versatility to turn your CAD files into real end user parts or advanced conceptual models, manufacturing tools, functional prototypes. Our software prepares 3D digital part files ( output as an STL file ) by automatically slicing and generating support structures and material extrusion paths in a push of a button.

Everything we produce is a real part because we print using the same durable thermoplastic as traditional injection moulding with an accuracy of +- .0095 in (+- .241mm) our parts are good for form, fit and functional applications.

Our build envelope is 254x254x305 we use ABS plus with a choice of 9 colours. ivory,white,black,dark grey, red,blue,olive green, nectarine,fluorescent yellow.

Our 3D printer will also build using a soluble support material so we can produce soluble cores twhich are used extensively in F1.