They are cost-effective, durable and beautiful. Use them instead of metallic paint, chrome spray finishes, powder coating, metal paint, chrome paint, sheet metal and Corten steel. Our liquid metal coatings can be applied to any surface, even the unexpected ones.

They offer a seamless liquid metal coating solution. This allows a light-weight, real metal finish to be applied over complex surfaces.

Metalier is a cold-spray composite decorative metal coating that allows you to make any substrate look as though it is solid metal. It is a metal finish, like a veneer, which has two main ingredients – the binders and the metals. There are also important extras – patina, waxes, polishes and nano clear coat. Take a look at our video to see the process:

Motorsport Services decorative metal system offers many benefits:

  • Offers excellent surface protection and dramatic visual appeal.
  • Allows a light-weight, real metal finish to be cost-effectively applied over complex surfaces.
  • Offers a seamless metal coating solution.
  • Presents a variety of surface textures.
  • Has a high metal content resulting in an extremely strong, durable metal coating.
  • Creates a final product that is waterproof and UV resistant.
  • Gives a high level of surface protection when used in conjunction with primers and sealers.
  • Is highly resistant to knocks, cracking and peeling.
  • Does not shrink after application.
  • Will not support a flame.
  • Does not conduct electricity and is non-galvanic.
  • All metal finishes, except iron, are non-magnetic.