Our Nitrogen system replaces the traditional fluid carrier of filtered compressed air with that of a nitrogen-enriched one that is clean, dry and ionized. Nitrogen is anhydrous, inert, and because the nitrogen produced is also ionized, this system eliminates problems associated with moisture and static electricity.

The nitrogen extracted by means of selected permeation is also free from impurities such as dust, oil, oil fumes and other chemical contaminants present in the feed air. This means that the paint does not react in any way to the carrier as it passes through the spray gun or during application. The results using both solvents and waterborne coatings have been revolutionary.

Heating the nitrogen makes paint application easier and has proved to be decisive in accelerating flash off and evaporation times. It also reduces the overspray effect, where with the elimination of static electricity the paint goes further, lays down flatter, and there is less waste, a cleaner working environment and fewer contaminants in the atmosphere.

With Nitrotherm Spray each coat adheres to the surface being sprayed rapidly and without altering the properties of the paint. Sags, runs, drips and orange peel associated with traditional application are reduced.

This system can be used with all kinds of air compressors, paints, spray guns and in all temperatures. Where there is more than one spraybooth the distribution of nitrogen is made simple by using our Top Spray system.