Flock is precision cut lengths of nylon fibers which, when applied by electrostatic means, gives an attractive, seamless, fabric-like coating that can cover almost any surface inlcuding aluminum, glass and plastics. The item or area is coated with a two part glue. The flock fiber is then charged electrostaticaly which causes the individual fibers to penetrate ‘end on’ into the adhesive. This creates a high density pile effect of up to 150,000 fibers per sq inch, which gives a perfect flock velvet finish. Repairs can be carried out before flocking, so if your object has holes, cracks or marks you don’t want, tell us and we can repair it and then flock over the repair for a seamless finish.
With many years of experience in the motorsport industry the Banbury Flocking Services team are able to deliver quality, durable and long lasting flock services to many automotive items including: flocked Dashboards, Door cards, Parcel shelves, ABC pillars, Door runners, Custom pods, Gear surrounds, Center consoles, Glove boxes, Sun visors, Interior mirrors, Steering wheels, Door handles and Speaker covers.

Banbury Flocking Services can carry out fabrication work, dashboard repairs and alterations before flocking your interior item. Additional flocking services include fabricating switch panels, fitting dashboard pods and ABC pillars.

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